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Project Information & Fee 

The world premier of DOXXX ​by Rachel Causer will presented by Scatterjam at VAULT Festival 2022.


The total engagement dates are w/c 17 Jan - 20 Feb 2022

Creative team includes:

Writer - Rachel Causer

Director - Nadia Papachronopoulou

Producer - Robyn Bennett for Scatterjam


We are looking to cast 3 roles and encourage anyone who fits the role breakdown to apply.


More information on the production:

“I always knew this was coming for me. I just didn’t know how badly I would end up wanting it”


Amara, social rights activist, wants to make world a better place one Instagram live at a time. After going viral following a thrilling TV interview, she’s thrust onto the platform she’s always wanted. But when she’s contacted online by an anonymous blackmailer, old demons threaten to drag her back down into a shameful past but, much to her surprise, the once clear lines between shame and pleasure begin to blur…


DOXXX is a darkly comic thriller about pleasure and shame that asks the question, what happens when ‘cancelled’ feels much better than you thought?


Brought to you by Scatterjam, makers of Please, Feel Free to Share (awarded Special Mention – Popcorn New Writing Award 2021) and ★★★★★ Offie-Nominated play When It Happens.


FEE - The rehearsal fee is £75.75 per day (in line with the UKT/Equity subsidised rates for performer)

The performance fee is £454.50 per week for w/c 14 February

REHEARSALS- There will be 3.5 weeks of rehearsals from w/c 17 Jan 2022. We will be rehearsing Mon-Fri between 10am-6pm in central London.

TECH- The tech day is set for Tues 15 Feb 2022. Timings TBC

PERFORMANCES- DOXXX will run in the Crypt at VAULT with the following performance schedule:

Tues 15 Feb, 6.35pm

Weds 16 Feb, 6.35pm

Thurs 17 Feb, 6.35pm

Fri 18 Feb, 6.05pm

Sat 19 Feb, 3.05pm & 6.05pm

Sun 20 Feb, 5.05pm

AUDITIONS- We are looking to hold in-person auditions where possible on Thurs 16 & Fri 17 Dec. We will aim to contact all candidate on Mon 13 December to let them know if they will be invited to audition. Recalls TBC.

Character Breakdowns 


Age range - 28-35,  Gender Female, Transgender Female, Non-binary,  Ethnicity - Any 

Amara is a strong-willed, vibrant and bold social rights activist who has just gone viral for her outspoken views on access to information and the truth about our celebrity and political figures. She cares what other people think of her and when you work in the media, that can be difficult. She has recently had a daughter with her husband, Jack, but has begun feeling that something is missing in herself. She is smart, controlled and complex but she has a shameful past that she has strived to forget.


Age range - 28-35,  Gender - Female, Transgender Female, Non-binary,  Ethnicity - Any 

Alice has always been a follower, but after an incident in her past, her life was turned around and she decided never to follow anyone blindly again. She doesn’t like attention but wants to feel important in some small way. She feels like she is at a standstill in her life and that she needs to take things into her own hands to move them on again. She is a fair person and believes that people don’t always get what they deserve, and she isn’t willing to settle for that anymore. 


The actor playing Alice also multi-roles certain ensemble roles that include: Twitter users & TV hosts. (aged 20's-40's)


This role requires a skilled character actor that can jump between roles.


Age range - 28-35,  Gender - Male, Transgender Male, Non-binary,  Ethnicity - Any 

Jack is Amara’s husband and believes he is a solid support to her and her newfound fame. He is a loving husband and a reliable dad, but he sometimes finds it hard to not sweep problems under the rug. He can be enthusiastic, funny and kind but can also be easily distracted and flippant. He is proud of everything Amara is doing, but doesn’t really understand the dark side to her new internet fame. 


The actor playing Jack also multi-roles certain ensemble roles that include: Twitter users & TV host, an MP. (aged 30s-50's)


This role requires a skilled character actor that can jump between roles.


Please apply by the 11th December at midnight through our Mandy Portal 


 email us at with your spotlight link and the email subject DOXXX CASTING - (INSERT ROLE)

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